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Woman warming up with a hot drink

Why A Gas Heater Service Is A Good Idea

There’s nothing worse than a freezing house. The last thing you need is a broken heater, so it’s important to schedule in a gas heater service before you turn it on for the winter months.

Water Restrictions

Sydney Water Restrictions 2019: Do you know what to do?

With Greater Sydney in drought and Level 1 Water Restrictions in place, it’s time for us all to play our part and minimise our impact on Sydney’s water supply.


Leaky Roof Repair: What You Need To Know

When thunderstorms hit, hidden water leaks in the roof are often exposed. Find out what to do when you discover unwanted water coming from your roof.

Heavy lifting

How to lift heavy objects

A huge number of back injuries are caused when people try to lift heavy objects, but don’t think it through. Follow these simple tips to stay injury free.


Preventing ladder related injuries

Do you really know how to use a ladder safely? Falls from ladders in Australia is substantial and most of them occur at home. We’ve collated some tips on safe usage so you can avoid becoming a statistic.

Enjoy your holiday!

How To Prepare Your Home Before A Holiday

Stinky sinks, disgusting dishwasher debris, excessive energy bills, and water leakage are common disasters homeowners return to after holidays. Here are some simple tips to help you prepare your home.

CCTV Camera inspecting blocked drain

5 Reasons You Have A Clogged Drain | And How To Prevent It From Happening

Take a look at the top reasons why Sydneysiders end up with a clogged drain. Most can be prevented! Handy tips to keep your water flowing.

Nature Conservancy - save on water

Blessed with Nature, why can’t we cherish its beauty?

Although nature conservancy is now widely embraced, many are still uneducated about the amount of water we waste. So what can you do to save water?

Commercial Plumber

How To Choose The Best Commercial Plumbing Service

Although you may have a great plumber who comes to fix your home, there are a few extra things you should consider when it comes to commercial plumbing solutions.

Save water. Save environment.

Help Save The Environment With Sustainable Plumbing

It has been estimated that a dripping tap can waste a whopping 20,000 litres of water in a year! Do your bit to save on water.

Strata plumber fixing tap

Strata Plumbing Preventative Maintenance

The benefits of outsourcing your strata plumbing services to a reputable company are aplenty. If you’re looking for strata plumbing solutions, read on.

Residential plumbing taps

Home Owners Plumbing Checklist: 5 things you should know

As a homeowner, there are things you can do to make life easier for yourself and the residential plumbers in your area. Here are five essential tips.

If you have no hot water, call your local emergency plumber.

7 Signs You Need to Call an Emergency Plumber

Typically, we only think about plumbing when things go wrong. If the following happens to you, it’s time to ring your local emergency plumber!

Dunny Can found by our Plumber in Surry Hils

A piece of Aussie sanitary history: the Dunny Can

We were recently lucky enough to get our hands on a piece of Australia’s sanitary history – The Dunny Can. This rare find now lives in our office.

Hot water from shower head

What To Do When You Have No Hot Water

Finding you have no hot water when you need to shower is tough. Whether you have gas or an electric heater, find out what’s happening.

Water draining slowly down the drain

3 Signs You Need To Get Your Drains Unblocked

Don’t ignore the signs! Blocked drains can cause havoc to your plumbing system, leading to inconvenient and costly problems.

Gas Cook Top

What to do when a Gas Leak is Detected

Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous. Here are our tips on how to detect a gas leak, and what to do when you discover one.

Burst Pipe

4 things to do in a plumbing emergency

When a plumbing emergency strikes, you need to think straight and act fast. Here are 4 simple steps you can follow.

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