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Why A Gas Heater Service Is A Good Idea

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Why A Gas Heater Service Is A Good Idea

Suddenly Winter has hit Sydney in full force. With such a warm start to the year, most of us probably haven’t given a thought about how we will keep our homes cosy and warm when the cold hits. Gas bills can be really high, but it is possible to keep your costs down by doing a few simple things.

Service your heater

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a freezing house. The last thing you need is a broken heater, so it’s important to schedule in a gas heater service before you turn it on for the winter months. Servicing your gas heater will maximise efficiency, and make sure it doesn’t fail you when your house feels like it’s below zero.


A licensed plumber is the best gas fitter to service your heater. They will diagnose and repair any faults, clean dust, and debris and ensure all components are operating correctly and safely. Your plumber will check the flue, thermostat, fan, pilot light, burner and gas pressure, filters and hoses and will also perform a carbon monoxide test. This test ensures the air is safe and free from toxic carbon monoxide. You can help by vacuuming all vents to ensure they are dust and debris free.


Here are a few other things you can do to keep your costs down and your house warm.

Heatproof your house

Why pay for heating when it can escape? Prepare your house before turning the heater on each day.

  1. Shut the vents and the door in any unused rooms – no need to heat the whole house!
  2. Make sure all windows are closed
  3. Close all blinds and curtains
  4. Check for any potential drafts and block every external opening with draft-stoppers (commonly known as “snakes”!)


Up to half of all your heat can escape if your house is not properly insulated. The best way of preventing heat loss is to insulate your house as much as possible. You may think this just involves the building and roof insulation, but you can do more to maximise your insulation.

  1. 8% of your room’s temperature is lost through your floors. Use carpet where possible (synthetic carpets are not efficient – wool is best)
  2. Use floor mats and rugs to prevent the cold creeping up from below
  3. Use curtains on all possible windows, make sure they are thick and heavy (but let in the warming sunlight during daytime hours)

Use everyday household items

  1. After you’ve cooked or baked up a storm, leave the oven door open and let the heat rise out into your kitchen
  2. Don’t empty your bath immediately. Shut the bathroom door and finish getting ready in the heat rising from your bathwater
  3. Wear a jumper! Your thermostat doesn’t need to be set so high that you walk around in T-shirts. Thick socks also work a treat.
  4. Put a pot of boiling water in the room for instant heat. (occasionally only – be mindful of mould)
  5. Have a cuppa. Even a hot tea and the boiling kettle can add warmth.
  6. Keep a throw or blanket on your armchair or sofa. Rug up!
  7. Light up! Candles add warmth to any room. Try tea-lights in terracotta pots.

Enjoy the winter!

Central gas heating is far more efficient than individual space heaters. By preparing your house and changing a few habits you can easily keep your home comfortably cosy and your gas costs down.

Remember to always use a licensed plumber and gas fitter for all gas maintenance, service, installation, and repair.

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