Woman warming up with a hot drink

Why A Gas Heater Service Is A Good Idea

There’s nothing worse than a freezing house. The last thing you need is a broken heater, so it’s important to schedule in a gas heater service before you turn it on for the winter months.

Heavy lifting

How to lift heavy objects

A huge number of back injuries are caused when people try to lift heavy objects, but don’t think it through. Follow these simple tips to stay injury free.


Preventing ladder related injuries

Do you really know how to use a ladder safely? Falls from ladders in Australia is substantial and most of them occur at home. We’ve collated some tips on safe usage so you can avoid becoming a statistic.

Enjoy your holiday!

How To Prepare Your Home Before A Holiday

Stinky sinks, disgusting dishwasher debris, excessive energy bills, and water leakage are common disasters homeowners return to after holidays. Here are some simple tips to help you prepare your home.