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Qualified Gas Fitters & Plumbers For Gas Leaks

Gas can be incredibly dangerous. It can pose serious threats to your house, the neighbourhood, and can put lives at risk . So if you are installing a new gas service in your home or business, or you detect a gas, you’ll need a qualified gas technician to complete the work. Watermark has a team of specialist plumbers for gas related services.

Installing gas appliances

Enjoy peace of mind. Our gas fitters and gas plumbers undergo additional training to ensure the correct installation, pressure testing and safety procedures are in place.

Gas Leak Detection

A natural gas leak can increase the risk of fire and explosions since it spreads quickly and combusts easily. Our 24/7 emergency gas plumbing includes detection, diagnosis and repair.

Gas servicing

Gas leaks can be easily prevented by ensuring that flexible gas lines and infrastructure are inspected regularly and installed properly. Our plumbers for gas leaks can conduct a safety inspection of your natural gas lines.

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24/7 Emergency Plumbers For Gas Leaks


Plan your response

What to do in a gas leak emergency

If you suspect you have a gas leak, you will need a plumber for gas leaks. But first:

  • Open all the windows
  • Evacuate the property
  • If accessible and safe to do so, turn off your gas using the emergency control valve situated at your meter
  • Call Watermark Plumbing’s Plumbers for gas leaks

How do you know?

Gas leak detection

Gas issues can potentially result in fires, explosions and in some cases, carbon monoxide poisoning, so it is extremely important to detect them properly. But how do you know if something is wrong?

The most obvious sign of a gas leak is smell – gas smells like rotten eggs. The less obvious effects may see you noticing physical symptoms like feeling lightheaded, nauseous, short of breath and chest pain. If this happens, go outside immediately to get some fresh air until the feeling passes. A licenced plumbing professional should be called to:

install or disconnect gas lines
maintain and repair gas infrastructure
inspect and repair problems with gas supply

After you call

What we do

Don’t DIY. Only licensed gas fitters have the proper training and are qualified to reconnect a gas line if it has been capped off or turned off at the mains. Once you give us a call, our team will:

  • Guide you over the phone to isolate the leak if possible
  • Send out a service vehicle
  • Make the site safe
  • Locate and determine the cause of the leak
  • Rectify the leak
  • Recommission the supply – your gas supply is up and running and safe!

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