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Water Leak Detection In Sydney & Roof Plumbing Services


Is your money dripping away?

Sydney water leak detection and roof plumbing services

If you see moisture or flooding at your property or notice that your water bill is going up without knowing the reason, it’s time to give us a call.

The damage to your business, property or home caused by water leaks could leave you with an unexpected and hefty bill. Having the problem quickly diagnosed and resolved by a qualified plumber is a must.

Water leaks can be far more serious than a simple dripping tap!

The solution you need

Our Water leak detection services Sydney are fast, reliable and at competitive rates.


A common plumbing problem

What’s causing the water leak?

Leaks happen. Whether you’ve noticed a leaking toilet, or an unexpected pool of water at your property, there are a number of reasons that could be causing your water leak. These include things like:

  • Old corroded pipes
  • Burst pipes
  • Movement
  • Expansion & contraction
  • General wear and tear

With 20+ years of water leak detection services experience, our team is highly skilled in locating and resolving water leaks fast. Have a question?


Look up

Why is my roof leaking?

It’s important to know that water leaks are also not only seen on the ground. So take a look at your ceiling. Roof leaks are caused by things like basic wear and tear and UV exposure, but the most common reason in Sydney is storm damage. Sydney is renowned for its epic storms, and when it rains, the calls from our commercial and domestic customers come flooding in due to leaking roofs.

To prevent further damage to your property, get in touch with a member of our team today. Here’s what you are looking for:


Mould can start from many issues including poor ventilation.

Using specialist equipment we determine the quality and control of your air quality to minimise growth

Damp Patches

Have you noticed a patch on the ceiling or wall that appears to be getting worse?

Using specialist equipment including moisture meters we can accurately determine how minor or extensive the issue is.


Have you noticed stains on your ceiling and think that you may have a roof leak?

We use all the latest safety equipment to safely access your rooftop to look for issues big or small!

Roof drainage and stormwater

If you have problems with your roof drainage, our stormwater experts can diagnose and fix the issue.